AGroup summer corporate event 2022

July 30, 2022

AGroup annual summer corporate event took place on July 29-30, 2022 at a picturesque ethnographic holiday lodge Gungas, which is encircled by a pine forest at the shore of Lake Dūņu. It offers relaxation, tranquility, as well as numerous possibilities for activities and sports.

So, to have fun & strengthen our team spirit after tasting some delicious snacks & drinks we played volleyball & did archery. At the end no one can recall precisely all the scores, but we do remember the excitement as it was riddled with bonding, and laughter.

AGroup builds a strong & positive culture that drives productivity and fosters a healthy mindset in our collaborative work environment. Limited organisational hierarchy, self-driven employees, and the will to support each other are also, among things, considered to be vital. By the way, Agroup colleagues from Poland joined us at this event, which was quite amusing.

Our friends, art platform Stadia at the event presented to AGroup the play “Seryozha is very stupid” by playwright Dmitry Danilov. It’s one of the most original plays from the digest of modern world drama in the format of actor reading & open interaction with the audience. The genre varies from thriller to comedy of absurdity with a lot of sub meanings, references, and parallels. „We want a genuine exchange of emotions and energies. We’re ready to experiment, so that together with the audience we can find answers to the questions that life brings”– says the director of the project Andrey Garkavi.

Besides, some of us enjoyed a jolly boat ride exploring Dūņu lake (270 ha). Boating as an escape from the busyness of the city is gorgeous. The sound & feeling of the water beneath & the sun warming up with its heat – all the worries of the day seemingly were dissipating and a general sense of happiness and fascination came over. Reflective blues and greens, the canvas of shore, sky & water brought its own artistic charm. As it got dark some of us were sitting around a campfire, looking at flames & chatting.

Gungas is a collection of authentic traditional Latvian wooden houses constructed in the 19th century, rescued and collected from various parts of the country. On the premises there are also a sauna & a hot tub, where we bathed & soaked under the lights of stars as well as dove into the lake.

Also we enjoyed delicious dinner – Swedish table – where grilled halibut, shrimps, pork, chicken were served garnished with yummy potatoes, vegetables, fruits, salads, as well as, the selection of desserts & various alcohol & soft drinks were offered & tasted. We feel refreshed and recharged & can’t wait for the next event together!