HR & Payroll digitalization solutions for AGroup Polish clients

February 24, 2022

This webinar uncovered the hidden potential that usually comes with digitalization – optimization and simplification of any processes. We reviewed 6 main stages of any digitalization project from HR and payroll perspectives, with a particular focus on the phases that even precede any large-scale digitalization.

Since digitalization is a sweeping trend across all industries – many companies are looking for how to digitalize their processes efficiently, but many fail to capitalize on the opportunities digitalization presents.

Its aim was to clarify our Polish clients’ needs, so we can help to get right solutions & services to focus on the key business objectives, as well as to share the latest HRB Portal features & insights.

When analyzing the process, always keep in mind the question –“How does this particular step align with the purpose of the process?”

Danylo Morozovskyi | AGroup Business Developer

Experienced business analyst with hands on expertise in HR & payroll digitalization in the variety of industries

HR & Payroll digitalization solution webinar for AGroup Polish clients

Webinar recording