A Memorable Corporate New Year’s Celebration in Istanbul

Embarking on a corporate trip to Istanbul, AGroup sought to ring in the New Year with a unique blend of cultural exploration and festive revelry. The vibrant city of Istanbul, with its rich history and stunning architecture, proved to be the perfect backdrop for a celebration that would be etched in the memories of the team members forever.

City Highlights Guided Tour:

Hippodrome, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar… The adventure kicked off with a City Highlights Guided Tour that took the AGroup through the enchanting streets of Istanbul. The highlight of the tour was the visit to the iconic Blue Mosque, where the team marveled at the intricate architecture and immersed themselves in the historical ambiance. The weather on that day was surprisingly mild, with temperatures reaching up to 16 degrees and the sun casting a warm glow, making it feel more like spring than the heart of winter.

Bosphorus Dinner Cruise:

As the sun set, the team gathered for an unforgettable Bosphorus dinner cruise, an experience that combined culinary delights with breathtaking views of the city. The cruise featured various entertainment and shows, providing a perfect backdrop for an evening of celebration. The company enjoyed a delightful meal, complemented by the camaraderie of the team. The views of Istanbul from the Bosphorus were nothing short of magnificent, with the city lights creating a magical atmosphere.

Basilica Cistern Guided Tour:

Undeterred by a day of rain, AGroup embraced the next day with enthusiasm and embarked on an intriguing Basilica Cistern guided tour. The ancient underground cistern, with its impressive columns and mystical ambiance, left the team in awe. Despite the weather, the positive vibes from the trip and the sheer beauty of the Basilica Cistern made it an extraordinary experience.

The corporate trip to Istanbul for New Year’s proved to be a resounding success for AGroup. From the cultural immersion at the Blue Mosque to the enchanting Bosphorus dinner cruise and the mesmerizing Basilica Cistern, every moment was filled with joy and wonder. The unseasonably warm weather and the occasional rain shower only added to the unique charm of the experience, creating memories that will undoubtedly strengthen the bonds within the team. Istanbul, with its rich history and captivating beauty, provided the perfect setting for a corporate celebration that will be cherished for years to come.

Employees in AGroup are very lucky to be part of this company as we are able to experience such events and trips!