AGroup has launched in operation cloud-based solution of HRB Portal for managing distributed workforce based on a protected cloud platform HRB Cloud

HRB Cloud is a response to the requests from customers to provide AGroup solutions from the cloud, as corporate security policies often make the placement of new applications within the corporate network a tedious task. Now AGroup customers have the possibility to use the newest solutions based on HRB Portal without any investments into own infrastructure and training the support team.

Currently, HRB Cloud is based on a distributed infrastructure for data centres in Russia (Moscow) and the UK (Hampshire). The solution has high availability through clustering and use of duplicate components in software and hardware levels. At the client’s request increased fault tolerance can be provided by distributing computing between geographically distributed clusters in Russia and Britain. In 2015 AGroup is planning to increase geography of computing nodes on data processing centres based in the territory of the European Union.

HRB Portal cloud version meets all the requirements of Russian and European legislation on protection of personal data. AGroup has prepared templates of technical solutions for the integration of the HRB Cloud with corporate networks of its customers and partners. In order to integrate the cloud platform with the customer’s corporate applications, simply a secure VNP-channel should be arranged using certified software or hardware solutions. This channel can be deployed in a single day. If necessary a dedicated channel from HRB Cloud data centre to the point of client’s presence can be arranged.

HRB Cloud is designed to work with very big volume of data and is scalable depending on the load; therefore, it is equally easy to operate with both for small companies and for large multinational corporations. When the number of users is increasing, additional capacities are granted automatically. In case of reduction of staff, computing resources are also reduced; that ensures constant and predictable performance of the system.

Currently in HRB Cloud the following solutions are available: benefits administration, online benefits shopping, self-service for employees and managers, HR administration, salary calculation, staff evaluation, working time management, absence management, shifts scheduling and teams scheduling, fleet management, trainings and testing.