Dynamic journey in AGroup – Interview with Aleksandra

Career in AGroup

Join us in an insightful conversation with Aleksandra, who embarked on a dynamic journey with AGroup, transitioning from Consultant to the esteemed position of Head of Implementation over five enriching years. Throughout her tenure, she has discovered boundless opportunities and a harmonious alignment of values within AGroup’s vibrant culture. Let’s delve into her reflections on professional growth, team dynamics, overcoming challenges, and the invaluable experiences that have shaped her remarkable five-year tenure at AGroup.

General Experience:

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your work here?
I started to work in AGroup as a Consultant and have developed my career till Head of Implementation within 5 years. I’d say that unlimited opportunities are the most rewarding aspect of my experience at AGroup. If you have ideas and energy to make it real – just dare!

How would you describe the company culture?
It is a quite rare case when Company’s culture is so aligned with person’s deep values. I am happy to say that me and AGroup has such synergy. One of the AGroup’s values is People and this is what we have in our daily routine: we support each other on ideas, projects, and challenges. AGroup’s culture support realization of ambitions, professional development and creativity. And everyone here has wonderful humour sense, so we have a lot of fun.

Professional Growth:

What opportunities for professional development have you found most beneficial?
The most beneficial opportunity for professional development is a variety of possible projects and roles there. I had an opportunity to start from the very beginning, diving deeper into the processes, developing my understanding of how things are done and coming up with ideas for improvements. I had an opportunity to implement my own ideas and see what went as expected and what didn’t, what else should be improved to have better result next time and what can be done differently. It is related not only to direct duties, but also to office life, team buildings and other events.

Have you taken on any special projects or responsibilities that have contributed to your growth?
One of my roles during past five years was acting HR manager and I enjoyed this possibility to maintain this part of my professional experience, despite my trust jump on switching career to project management. So, I’d say, being HR for AGroup is my special and very beloved project.

Team Dynamics:

How would you describe the collaboration within your team?
Team is very supportive, I can rely on each and every team member and be sure that things will be done on time and with the best possible outcome. We know why all of us are here and what goal we are targeted to reach. It is very important for me that colleagues can take the responsibility and ownership on tasks and projects.

Are there team-building activities or events that stand out to you?
During this time, we’ve had variety of entertaining projects: Summer events, Christmas and New year parties, AGroup Novus tournament, Easter eggs beauty competition, Pancake Day and many more. My favourite one is Health warriors – sport activities challenge for five months within colleagues in every location that we have. It was interesting to organize something, that works across the borders and gives belonging feeling to those, who work remotely.

Challenges and Learning:

How did you overcome significant obstacles or hurdles?
When hard times come, I remind myself that I am not alone, I have the best colleagues and can rely on them and their support and experience. We have one goal and same ambitions – to be the best of the breed within the market and we are capable to do it. And I even have a tattoo stating: “There is a way out always”. If I cannot see the way, it does not mean that there is not any, I just need to change the viewpoint of the situation, have a brainstorm with colleagues and we will definitely find the best solution.

What skills or knowledge have you gained that you did not have when you started?
When I started working in AGroup, IT field and project management was a totally new area for me as all my previous experience was in Human Resources, I learned a lot about modern project management methodologies and how to apply it in a proper way. How to identify possible risks and how to deal with them. I must admit – I love it!

Advice for Newcomers:

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting in the company?
There are no such thing as stupid questions: ask till you understand and get full picture. If you are part of this team, it means we have trust in you and we will support you to develop career and grow as professional.

How would you recommend building strong relationships with colleagues?
My strong belief is that honesty is the basis of the communication. Be open, listen to different opinions and stay open-minded as much as you can. And be the owner of your word – if you promise something then put all the effort to do the promised.

Memorable Moments:

Can you share a particularly memorable or positive experience you have had during your time here?
There are a lot of nice memories that make me smile and feel proud. One of the best would be go-live for my very first project. It was not an easy project. I learned a lot during that time and all the team put a lot of effort in it. In the end, it was a wonderful feeling to see that all the people in this great company started to use our product and this made me feel very proud.

Is there a project or achievement that you are especially proud of?
I can name two such achievements. First would be project of implementation of HRB Portal based on a new approach, that we tried out to make whole process faster and more transparent for the customer – it went successfully, and I was proud to see my ideas working in real life. Second would be building strong AGroup team, as I am participating in the recruitment process as HR. We have very talented people here and I am proud to call them as my colleagues.

Future Outlook:

Where do you see yourself in your career in the next few years?
My career developed in AGroup very fast, so as a next target I put to grow my Implementation team and my managerial skills, as well as to improve existing processes. We all know that there is space for improvement, always. My future career goal is to grow in skills, not in the vertical.

What are your long-term career goals?
My long-term goal is to stay on the edge of new technologies and approaches, making daily work of colleagues and our customers more automated, so they can spend their time on more creative things, improving processes and team and skills development. We make the world better – this is the best career that I might dream of.

To sum up your 5 years in AGroup, write a quote:

„If you can dream it – you can do it!”