AGroup supports labor code change for its clients in Lithuania

On 6 June 2017, the Lithuanian Parliament adopted amendments to the new Labour Code and thus finally clarified the content of the Code.

To comply with legislation, Employers must adjust their HR systems to reflect main novelties introduced by the new Labour Code, which enters into force on 1st July 2017.

Companies using HRB Portal get it out of the box from the day one.

  • Changes in calculation of overtime rules and recording of overtime is in accordance with the new Labor Code
  • Recalculated employees’ annual leave. Annual leave, which is acquired prior to 1 July 2017, now converted into business days. Every 7 calendar days of annual leave converted into 5 business days of annual leave (if employee works 5 days a week) or 6 business days (if employee works 6 days a week)
  • Introduced new types of employment agreements and brought flexibility to labour relations. Established different types of employment contracts and changed the existing ones in a way, most consistent with the nature of employee’s work
  • Prepared tool to manage job descriptions and system of work remuneration in accordance with the descriptions
  • Improved personal data protection policy and measures for its control
  • Different social security tax rates based on employment type
  • And others