Future of HR 2021 conference

September 21, 2021

At Future of HR 2021 (online & offline in Riga, Latvia, Hanza Perons) AGroup CEO, Alexander Snurnitsyn enthusiastically presented “KISS tutorial for those who are over 100” .

He shared his practical insights on where does the complexity of people management come from and how to deal with that? How to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) if you have a sizable (>100 empls) distributed workforce and what advantages of digitalization the leaders of future use today?

“Choose a partner, not a solution and utilize digital solutions to accelerate business changes together with trusted partners.” Alexander Snurnitsyn, AGroup CEO

Future of HR 2021 conference is independently organized European event for HR professionals to explore innovations and trends in the field of human capital management. It’s an international three-day conference with more than 36 European HR leaders representing 10 countries.