HR Week Latvia 2021 Conference

October 20, 2021

At HR Week Latvia 2021 conference (Riga, Latvia, ATTA Centre) AGroup CEO, Alexander Snurnitsyn revealed “7 ways how to fail HR Digitalization”. The presentation was dedicated to the real life work aspects that have to be considered while digitalizing HR & other business processes. According to data gathered from our HRB Portal clients 50% of all the efforts related to any business process digitalization goes to a process rethinking & redesign. The advantages of digital transformation outsourcing include experience & expertise, improved security, flexibility & scalability, as well as the mitigation of risks & access to quality resources.

“Get ready for the transformation, not for a system implementation. Any digitalization project is just the top of the iceberg of business rethinking work which should never stop.” Alexander Snurnitsyn, AGroup CEO

HR Week Latvia 2021 is the opportunity for the HR leaders & practitioners to exchange insights & ideas, practices & experiences in the area of HR. We’re glad to be the part of #HRNedēļaLatvija 2021. This year around 30 local & international speakers have shared their insights & around 800 HR leaders & practitioners watched it online.