PAYROLL outsourcing or inhouse  – pros & cons

April 19,2022

AGroup conducted an online webinar on PAYROLL, which was held by the Latvian People Management Association.

Many companies have identified significant opportunities to apply PAYROLL digitalization, and the results have been encouraging. So far, however, most have struggled to capture the full potential of these new approaches by deploying them at scale across their operations. Since companies need to tailor and customize it within a wider change-management process as it involves significant changes to existing roles and tasks.

During the webinar AGroup raised such questions as how to choose properly: calculate payroll internally or outsource it? Businesses can benefit from outsourcing payroll, but they must take into account the quality of the service provided and the HR digitization technology used to perform the functions. Also, the below mentioned questions were highlighted.

  • Are there internal finance & administration teams?
  • Are there payroll management experts in each country working internationally?
  • Is there a need for continuity in payroll management?
  • Is there a lack of a strong data recovery system?

2022 AGroup presentation on payroll outsource vs inhouse