Smart HR Speed Dating webinar

June 17, 2021

AGroup presented its high-standart HRB Portal solutions at the 4th anniversary Smart HR webinar held in Riga, Latvia, Jaunā Teika, building Teodors, Minox premises. We were excited to share our expertise in HR digitalization overall, as well as in Payroll oursourcing service in particular.

What’s more AGroup held a competion among the webinar participants with the prize of 45EUR just for answering correctly one question regarding how many employees can administrate one HR manager thanks to HR processes digitalization.

McKinsey Global Survey on digital strategy (2021) unhesitatingly confirms that the future will belong to companies that put technology at the center of their outlook, capabilities, and leadership mandate. The survey results confirm the time is now to make bold investments in technology and human capabilities that will equip their businesses to outstrip others in a rapidly evolving landscape.