AGroup announces full acquisition of Hogart Data Centre

AGroup, a developer of HRB, a human resource management system, completes acquisition of Hogart Data Centre (HDC), a former partner of AGroup in Poland. Since 2011 AGroup, with offices in Russia and Latvia, was a significant shareholder of Hogart Data Centre (HDC) and has extensively expanded its presence in the Polish market. Now the company will operate under name AGroup Sp. z.o.o. contributing to the recognition and strengthening its positions in the region. The full acquisition will give AGroup a closer overview of business operations in Poland and will facilitate further developments in order to reach higher level of support for its customers.

As an expert in human resource management, AGroup has a wide partner network: more than 10 partners of AGroup support about 300 customers in 22 countries. Hogart Data Centre, a Hogart Group Company, was a dedicated collaboration partner of AGroup for years. HDC sold and implemented the HRB software produced by AGroup. AGroup started cooperating with Hogart Data Centre (HDC) in 1997, and since then, HDC has proved itself to be one of the most successful AGroup partners. HDC rendered support services to more than 40 customers, which use HRB to automate their companies’ HR business processes, including well-known companies such as Selgros, 3M Poland, Le Meridien, Honda, Unilever, Sheraton, and Sodexo.

AGroup has integrated the HDC staff into its corporate structure and employees of HDC will retain their positions after acquisition. Past HDC employees will greatly benefit from getting closer to the production base by getting unbiased and immediate expertise from the product development team in Latvia. The extensive know-how and long term experience of the solution developers will reach out in the regional marketplace. Customers will also gain improved support from the complete integration of former HDC team in AGroup. The direct transmission of the customer needs and demands will drive closer developers and customers boosting the overall results.

In my opinion, bringing closer the knowledge of the solution developer to the client will make our operations in the Polish region more efficient. We believe that a company’s success depends mostly on its ability to manage the most precious thing it has – human resources. The better cooperation between AGroup and our customers will allow responding to their human resource management needs instantly incorporating them in our solution. The synergy effect of mutual understanding will facilitate completion of our mission of helping companies to better manage their human resources in the most effective way, says Alexander Snurnitsyn, CEO of AGroup.