LatRosTrans launches the substantial HR business process innovation

The largest Latvian-Russian joint venture in the Baltic States, LatRosTrans (LRT), has successfully completed its long-term distributed workforce management project by implementing the software solution HRB Portal that is suited for companies with distributed workforce. The solution will help to handle complex and extensive amounts of information on people and geographically widespread operations. More importantly, the distributed workforce management processes will be automated allowing all employees to access the HRB Portal remotely 24 hours per day as well as significantly reducing paper documents’ workflow and workload of the HR personnel.

Up to date, this implementation has the widest functionality implemented for one client in the Baltic states. It encompasses the main HRB Portal functionalities including Self-Service, Time and Attendance, Core HR processes, and Fleet management module. The implementation of HRB Portal will give the Company considerable benefits in the administration processes.

“Our employees are our number one priority; therefore, HR processes’ automation is a top concern for us. On top of such intangible benefits as improved employee motivation and satisfaction from HRB Portal implementation we also see considerable financial savings as time spent on many tasks and processes will be significantly decreased. Successfully accomplished project gives us the solid ground for further HRB Portal rollout in future, and we do look forward to work with the professionals from AGroup going forward,” says Igors Stepanovs, CEO of LatRosTrans.

LatRosTrans is the only crude oil and petroleum product transport company that provides transportation of diesel fuel via the main pipeline in the territory of Latvia, from the Belarusian border to Ventspils. LRT employs more than 200 employees. The company works with distributed workforce and stations providing record-keeping of the flow of petroleum products, their storage and transportation. The stations are located in several places along the pipeline, thus they require modern up-to-date technology solutions in all areas to ensure flawless functioning of the company.

AGROUP is one of the leaders in human resource management and payroll solutions in Eastern Europe. AGROUP’s products help streamline the processes, reduce complexity and maximize productivity for hundreds of organizations in 22 countries. Customer community includes over 300 organizations, including multinationals such as DHL, AIG, British Petroleum, Phillips, Sony, Citi Group and many others. AGROUP is backed up by BaltCap, the leading private equity and venture capital investor in the Baltic States. In 2011 BaltCap has invested 1.5M euros in AGROUP to accelerate R&D and marketing efforts.