AGroup completed the integration of HRB Portal with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010/2013

AGroup completed the integration of HRB Portal with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010/2013. Now the solution for the automation of business processes in the field of HR can organically integrate into the current infrastructure of corporate portals based on Microsoft SharePoint Server, while for the end user there is no difference between the forms of SharePoint Server and HRB Portal.

“We developed this integrated solution on the request of our customers, who are actively using Microsoft SharePoint technology for the electronic storage of corporate information and to notify the staff about the events in the life of the company,” said Alexander Snurnitsyn, CEO of AGroup. – “As a rule, such organizations do not plan to abandon SharePoint in the near future and fully migrate to HRB Portal. However, they want to use our specialized modules for managing HR processes that are not available in the current set of enterprise software: benefits administration, self-service of employees and managers, management by objectives and competencies linked to the process of awarding bonuses, as well as shift work management tools of production personnel. Thus, HRB Portal provides powerful tools to engage employees in the business processes without giving up the familiar and user-friendly Microsoft SharePoint technology.”

Integration of HRB Portal and SharePoint Server enables organizations to protect their investment in current corporate portal based on the SharePoint Server and use all the benefits of both products simultaneously. Eventually, the company benefits considerably as due to the increased employee involvement in business processes the motivation of personnel improves and staff turnover decreases.

Integrated solution enables the employee to work in a single information space, solving some tasks by using the SharePoint tools, and other tasks using HRB Portal, not even noticing that tools of various systems are being used.

In the future AGroup will continue development of solution integration that will allow incorporating HRB Portal in enterprise information systems of its customers.