Renaissance insurance group introduces new cutting edge software on benefits administration developed by AGroup

Renaissance insurance group introduces to its corporate clients of Voluntary Medical Insurance (VMI) new cutting edge solution for benefits administration developed by AGroup.

The new application for benefits administration “HRB Portal Benefit Administration” by AGroup integrates with existing solutions on human resource management and payroll processing, allowing complete automation of all business processes related to the administration of benefits. Employee’s personal account, where he can manage his benefits and benefits of his close relatives, integrates with existing corporate portals, used in large modern companies.

This high-tech solution will allow Renaissance insurance group corporate clients of the VMI to get a modern tool for benefits administration within their company and ultimately increase the loyalty and effectiveness of employees.

Denis Chalov, Managing Director of AGroup in Russia: “We are grateful to the Renaissance insurance for their trust in establishing long-term partnership with us. I am pleased to note that one of the market leaders in corporate insurance with high reputation and a wide range of insurance products is becoming our preferred partner. Renaissance insurance clients can be assured of both the extremely high quality of services, and that together we can help the company to solve their major objectives, associated with increase of staff motivation and loyalty. Our partnership will give customers of Renaissance insurance the needed tools to manage the main asset – people. People – the differentiator what makes the company a leader, increasing its economic efficiency and beneficially differentiating from all other participants of the market “.

Marina Tikhonova, vice president of VMI of Renaissance insurance group, said: “We always strive to be two steps ahead of our competitors, both in the quality of customer service and the process of interaction with partners. It is very important for us to offer our clients innovative tools that enable to solve business problems efficiently.”

Renaissance insurance group was established in 1997 by the investment group “Sputnik”. The share capital of the company is 2.1 billion Russian rubles. The financial stability of Renaissance insurance is confirmed by the highest reliability rating of “A++” of agency “Expert RA”. According to 2012 results, the company is in the top 15 leaders of the insurance market in Russia. The insurance premiums of Renaissance Insurance Group in the year 2012 amounted to 18.3 billion rubles. The amount of insurance compensations paid in the year 2012 exceeded 11 billion rubles.