AGroup entered into an agreement with UAB Philip Morris Baltic

August 1st, 2013 AGroup entered into an agreement with UAB Philip Morris Baltic on the implementation of the solution “HRB Portal 5.3”.

The new solution should improve the efficiency of the procedure of operational and strategic management of working time and absences, as well as improve the reliability of payroll calculations of production and office staff.

During the tender process, AGroup demonstrated the latest development – HRB Portal Advanced Time Management (HRB ATM) that enables flexible management of time schedules of shift workers and office personnel.

The functionality of the solution focuses on both – the manufacturing companies, as well as any other companies using shift work.

The use of the HRB ATM module considerably facilitates the planning of working time for the production, allowing you to define the working schedule of the day. It permits to form different plans of shift work schedules, to optimize the placement of staff to provide the necessary volume of production, to effectively manage absences and replacements, to control the number of regulatory hours, overtime, night hours and work on weekends and holidays.

HRB Portal solution is focused on global distributed companies and allows to ensure the processes of coordination and approval of staff related decisions within a single or various organizational structures, taking fully into account the requirements of the legislation of the countries where the company is represented.

An important factor in choosing this solution was the user friendliness and interface of the system.

Alexander Snurnitsyn, CEO of AGroup, about the Philip Morris Baltic project:
“AGroup has a long history of cooperation with the company Philip Morris in a large number of countries. Cooperation with such companies sets many obligations and allows developing the HRB platform that hundreds of companies from different industries can use. Our strategy – accumulating the experience of our customers and transforming it into the Solution that can improve the efficiency of human capital in a company. We intend to make every effort in order for Philip Morris Baltic to feel the rightness of the choice in practice as soon as possible.”