Managing production teams with shift schedules by AGroup

AGroup is developing functionality of time management in the framework of the new product release HRB Portal 5.3. We have expanded the capabilities of the system in the area of time management of shifts and team workers – Advanced Time Management (ATM).

Functionality is focused both on the manufacturing enterprises, as well as the companies where working time is planned in shifts.

Using the ATM module of HRB Portal system significantly facilitates the work of labor time planners in manufacturing, enabling them to:

  • Determine schemes of the working day – shifts, working hours, breaks.
  • Determine different plans of shift schedules (for example, 4 teams, 2-shift work, covering 24 hours).
  • Optimize the allocation of workforce to produce the required volume of output. This is done by selecting the optimal plan of shift schedules for the various production areas (trial generation of shift schedules for different plans – modeling elements).
  • Monitor the normative number of hours, overtime hours, work at night and day, and work on weekends and public holidays.
  • Automatically generate shift schedules for any time frame in accordance with the chosen plan of shift schedules.
  • Make manual adjustments in auto-generated shift schedules, for example, set-up the days of maintenance stops of production lines.




The use of ATM provides the following benefits to line managers and staff in the Human Resource Department:

  • Facilitates the process of creation and change of work schedules.
  • Facilitates the substitution processes of temporarily absent workers with employees from other crews (temporary assignment of a shift work schedule).