AGroup releases Benefit Administration module

AGroup announces the release of the administration module of employee benefits packages – HRB Benefit Administration (HRB BA). It is no secret that the benefits package is one of the main tools of motivation of the personnel in the company. According to statistics 68% of employees said that the benefits package affects their decision to stay or not in a company.


of employees said their benefits influence whether or not they choose to stay in their current job

Thanks to the functionality of the BA module, the company will be able to:

  • Manage contracts with its suppliers participating in the company’s benefits programs
  • Develop benefits programs on the basis of the products provided by external suppliers, as well as directly by the company itself
  • Conduct regular online enrollment by employees, as well as members of their families to benefits packages available in line with company’s benefits programs
  • Budget spending on benefits programs, as well as monitor the actual costs
  • Integrate document flow with suppliers, particularly with insurance companies whose products are, as a rule, up to 80% of the total cost of benefits package
  • Monitor actual use of benefits provided to the employee and to adjust the benefits program in the future to ensure the most effective use of budget funds of the company
  • Raise the social interaction of employees to a new level, enabling them to determine the content of the package independently, to assess the quality of services provided by suppliers and directly express their wishes regarding the desired products in the next period.

Active Benefits

Benefits Enrollment

Benefit Description

The Benefits Administration system integrates with salary and administrative HR systems, allowing to build benefits programs based on a wide range of eligibility criteria (grades, position, experience, gender, department, etc.), as well as to carry out the necessary charges and deductions from an employee’s salary, without additional manual input of information. Already today the system is delivered with the integration to payroll and HR modules of HRB Portal, as well as to widespread in Russia 1C.

Special attention should be paid to the licensing model of HRB BA module.

Companies buying the products or services (insurances, services of sports facilities, etc.) of their Benefits programs from suppliers listed as “preferred partners of AGroup” are entitled to virtually rent-free license of HRB BA.

“In today’s highly saturated and competitive market of insurance services it is not enough to provide the best product at the best price to consistently maintain the leading position. AON is constantly looking for ways to give more value to their clients. The partnership with AGroup allows us not only to continue to give our customers the best product at a competitive price, but also a tool for the effective use of the product. We believe that our customers will highly appreciate this offer,” said Aigars Milts – Country manager of AON Latvia, the first of AGroup partners in the Baltic region.

“We believe that people are the main asset of any company. HRB BA allows our customers to be more efficient in how they manage employee benefits packages, how they engage employees in company’s life, how they interact with their suppliers in such a delicate matter affecting each and everyone in the company. This is a wonderful product solving tasks of both the company and its employees, as well as the issues of service providers seeking to be closer to their clients and to strengthen the relationships with them,” said Alexander Snurnitsyn, CEO of AGroup