HRB 3.7 additional functionality implemented for SGS

HRB 3.7 additional functionality implementation project is completed for the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company SGS. Company has used Payroll module of HRB 3.7 for many years already and now it has been supplemented with HRB 3.7 extended functionality of HR and Timesheets.

The implementation of additional functionality allows SGS to reduce time spent on salary calculations. If earlier the payroll accountants had to enter the normal working hours, holiday work, overtime and night hours in the payroll system by multiple manual entries, then now the system allows to import standard CSV (Comma Separated Values) format files containing employee and Timesheet information from manager time keeping system. The overtime is calculated automatically, simplifying the task of entering timesheet information to a simple “mouse-click process”.

The introduction of new modules is a considerable benefit for the staff that leads to reduced time on administration and possible errors as several manual operations are automated removing necessity for double data entry. Above all the data consistency and integrity through one common system, ensures obtaining the large amounts of up-to-date information immediately without additional processing. For example, usage of added modules insures absent time registration and allows to provide each employee with the information on her vacation time accrual.

“SGS is recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity, therefore it is important for the company to insure that our employees can use systems they can trust and benefit from. The new HRB 3.7 additions provided by AGroup will allow our managers to reduce time wasted on administration and will give them more quality time to be spent on analysis and better decisions,” says management of SGS.

“It is pleasure to deliver our expertise and products of business process automation to the industry leader of independent services around the world,” says Alexander Snurnitsyn, CEO of AGroup.