HRB localization for Estonia completed

AGroup has completed work on HRB localization for Estonia. HRB design and functionality will now fully support tax legislation requirements for Estonia.

Adjustments and integration of the system in another country requires responsible approach to auditing of HRB basic system and precisely defining the areas and methods of change. The localization was performed by AGroup experts who have extensive experience of HRB adaptations in many countries in Europe and Asia. The legislation requirements analysis and incorporation of applicable current laws in Estonian localization was carried out in cooperation with Ernst&Young tax specialists.

The first client to introduce HRB in Estonia will be McDonald’s (Premier Restaurants Latvia SIA). Premier Restaurants Latvia working under the brand McDonald’s has chosen HRB solution in order to manage its labor force in all three Baltic States. With the new Estonian localization it will be able to enjoy the benefits of a single high-performance solution of a unified information system in different countries.

“Our cornerstone for further development is meeting needs of our current clients and sustaining their developments in other regions which is the case of McDonald’s. Therefore we are keen to support our solutions in compliance with the highest standards. At the same time we realize that each local adaptation opens us the doors for expansion in the region. We are proud of making one step further in another Baltic country and making certain that we can provide a product of truly global presence,” says Alexander Snurnitsyn, CEO of AGroup.