Insurance company “BLAGOSOSTOYANIE” becomes a partner of AGROUP

Insurance company “BLAGOSOSTOYANIE” (previous name Aviva) and AGroup have entered into a partnership agreement, based on which “BLAGOSOSTOYANIE” is expanding its client offering by including into its product line the software for benefits administration from HRB Portal solution family. Thanks to this the clients of IC “BLAGOSOSTOYANIE” will receive a powerful tool for administration of employee benefits packages within their companies and will be able to increase the loyalty and efficiency of its employees.

“BLAGOSOSTOYANIE” is one of the leaders in insurance and pension savings management. The group conducts financial transactions in more than 21 countries worldwide, at the same time in Russia more than 500 hundred organizations are clients of “BLAGOSOSTOYANIE”. It is worth noting that the company focus is on implementing corporate savings programs, instead of the individual insurance offers, and mainly – in the form of non-governmental pension programs, handled by a team of highly skilled managers.

For a company focused primarily on the corporate market, the partnership with AGroup is an additional competitive advantage, as it gives the opportunity to offer their clients an extended package of services. In the cooperation framework AGroup provides IC “BLAGOSOSTOYANIE” with benefits administration module from distributed workforce management solution HRB Portal (module Benefit Administration). Going forward the insurance company will be able to offer its clients the integration of Benefit Administration with HR-system. This will enable “BLAGOSOSTOYANIE” to simplify the administration of benefits and document workflow processes with “BLAGOSOSTOYANIE” for its clients, additionally the clients will be able to improve the efficiency of interaction with their employees. Thus, clients of IC “BLAGOSOSTOYANIE” will receive a powerful administration tool for benefits administration and building advanced motivational policies within their companies. The Benefit Administration module of HRB Portal solution integrates with the internal business processes of the client company, and each employee can use the system through a personal account for managing their benefits package, which may also include incentives for their relatives.

Denis Chalov, CEO of AGroup in Russia, comments on the partnership: “I am pleased to note that one of the leaders in the insurance market with great reputation – IC “BLAGOSOSTOYANIE” – began to cooperate with us and joined the list of our preferred partners. When dealing with new and existing customers, we will be able to advise them to apply to this insurance company, because we are confident that “BLAGOSOSTOYANIE” can make them a unique offer that includes a package of insurance with the highest level of service, as well as a powerful administration tool for their benefit programs – the HRB Portal solution».

Alexei Andreev, CEO of IC “BLAGOSOSTOYANIE” about working with AGroup: «Partnership with AGroup was largely a response to the market needs, which requires more than just insurance. For us it is important that when dealing with our clients, we do not just stand as a vendor of insurance programs, but move into the category of partner. Now we will be able to offer our clients not just a standard set of services, but additional business tools to solve one of the most important tasks of any company today – motivating and retaining staff. All this will allow to increase the average duration of contracts with our clients and gain a greater market share.”