Benefits Administration for Company “Russian Standard Insurance”

Russian Standard Insurance optimizes its benefits administration process and plans to create the most comfortable and interesting set of benefits programs tailored to the individual needs of each employee, using the offer from Moscow Insurance Company (MSK) and the solution HRB Portal.

Russian Standard Insurance – a company with more than 200 people working in Moscow and other regions of Russia, is a client of Insurance Group MSK and acquires its insurance programs for their employees. In order to enhance the satisfaction of their professionals with benefits packages in May 2013 the leadership of Russian Standard Insurance has decided to optimize work with its supplier and implement solution HRB Portal for benefits administration, including insurances.

For Russian Standard Insurance, this model of work above all will simplify the administration of benefits, make transparent and easy process of joining/removing employees from one or another program, to quickly add new features, as well as the flexibility to configure and change the benefit package, depending on the needs of employees. Obviously, this approach will enhance the loyalty of employees of Russian Standard Insurance. This will be achieved, since, firstly, it will automatically consider their wishes, and, secondly, the solution HRB Portal will allow tracking changes in the position of the employee and changing his benefits package, depending on the current position.

“Thanks to the use of HRB Portal, our work with the supplier of insurance services – Moscow Insurance Company – will reach a new level – said General Director of Russian Standard Insurance Anton Kushner. – For me as a manager primarily it is important to retain the staff, and I know how much effort it takes in the competitive market. The new model of work in which we and our supplier, use a single solution for benefits administration, will enable us not only to improve significantly our benefits package, but also to hear each member of our company, take into account their wishes, and become the employer, which one will not want to leave “.

Successful benefits administration is one of the key objectives of any company in the formation of employee loyalty and improving staff performance. In February 2013 the company AGroup introduced the solution for the benefits administration based on HRB Portal – a solution for distributed workforce management. Already in May AGroup signed first partnership agreements with several insurance companies, including the Moscow Insurance Company.

As a result of work with HRB Portal Moscow Insurance Company has greatly expanded its portfolio in the insurance market: customers of MSK now not only get the insurance product itself, but also a solution to manage it that integrates with the human resource system and payroll system.