AGroup releases “Time&Attendance” module for distributed companies

AGroup announces significant upgrade of the HRB Portal module “Time&Attendance”. Thanks to the substantial modernization this application becomes available to companies with distributed workforce and enables them to streamline and simplify business processes such as maintenance of schedules, tracking time sheets, online payments, etc.

Distribution is one of the most common characteristics of a modern company that dictates a certain tactic of doing business. For example, even a function of tracking time and attendance, turns into advanced mathematics, if human resources are distributed.

As the part of the HRB Portal solution development AGroup updated the functionality of the module “Time&Attendance”.

The advanced module includes the following features:

  • Full life cycle of scheduling and time sheet management processes (creation, filling, approval).
  • Tracking of working time, project accounting, automatic tracking of absences, control of overtime and gaps.
  • Personal time sheets of workers (self-service), schedules and time sheets for departments and project teams.
  • Online calculation of the results, allocate time to arbitrary categories of control and analysis.
  • Excel-like input interface, integration with Microsoft Excel.

Like other modules of the HRB Portal, the ”Time&Attendance” has the required tools for configuration and customization to support specific processes for a wide range of companies designed to involve minimal amount of human and financial resources.

“AGroup has extensive experience of developing software for time and attendance and integrating it with a block of payroll and personnel document management. Our solutions are used by hundreds of companies in 25 countries around the world over the past 15 years. Today, summing up the experience we have gained, we took the step further in the field and transferred the accumulated expertise into modern web technologies, providing enterprises with distributed workforce a powerful tool for professional personnel management” commented Yuri Yanson, VP of AGroup Product Development.