McDonald’s chooses HRB Portal for personnel management

Riga, February 10, 2012. Company Premier Restaurants Latvia, McDonald’ s representative in the Baltic States, has selected personnel management system HRB Portal to automate the HR business process of its restaurants network. A key factor in the decision making became functional options of HRB Portal – web application that allows remote operations and involves line employees to work with the personnel management system, thus reducing the work load of HR department and accounting department. Usage of HRB will facilitate the arrangement of the HR processes in order to promote the development of Premier Restaurants Latvia and increase the company profit.

Company Premier Restaurants Latvia owns the network of 30 restaurants, working under the brand McDonald’s in three Baltic States and are using different local software products for the automation of staff business processes. For such a large and vigorous business as McDonald’s, an effective employee management is a key factor towards market success and directly influences the productivity. In addition, the work of the network has certain specifics: McDonald’s is open to visitors 24 hours a day for seven days a week, a large number of employees belong to a completely different age and social group, the same person can work at several restaurants, depending on the needs of the establishment and its load in a given period of time. In such conditions, Premier Restaurants Latvia needed a single high-performance solution that will manage the allocation of labor resources and attract business unit managers to work with the HR system.

As a result of the market research and negotiations with various suppliers of the personnel management systems Premier Restaurants Latvia stopped at the solution of HRB Portal, designed and maintained by AGroup. This technological platform is designed to solve the task of managing the distributed workforce, as well as provide the foundation for a unified information system not only in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, but also in other countries. The system allows you to work remotely and gives access to all the participants of the HR processes according to their access rights. In addition, the HRB Portal enables editing, thus allowing users to customize the specific HR-processes without the involvement of external consultants.
The HRB Portal introduction will be implemented by the specialists of AGroup in cooperation with the customer representatives. As an ERP-system Premier Restaurants Latvia plans to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which will be integrated with the HRB solution.

«HRB Portal – our new web-solution for the personnel management, the development of which we have carried out in the framework of transition to SaaS, – providing significant benefits to companies that want to manage HR-processes effectively – comments Alexander Snurnitsyn, CEO AGroup. – I think the Premier Restaurants Latvia made the right choice – HRB Portal will solve the task of creating a unified information space for all members of HR business processes and will make a step forwards at the new level of personnel management. “

“Search of the system for personnel management is a part of our growth strategy, being a framework for strengthening our positions in the market of the Baltic countries, as well as for business development in other regions, particularly in Greece and Malta. However, for the successful implementation and use not only possible solutions are important, but also a supplier company, which will be able to complete the project on time, using the acquired experience and will support your system in the future. After studying the market, we decided to focus on the system HRB Portal and the company AGroup, which I hope will become a strategic partner in the development of our business,” – said Natalia Nemchenko, CFO Premier Restaurants Latvia.