AGroup and Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic announce partnership

Company AGroup, the vendor of the personnel management system HRB, and the company Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic, specializing in accounting and auditing services, as well as tax, legal and financial consulting, signed an agreement on strategic partnership. In the framework of cooperation Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic starts using HRB solution as a technological platform for provision of payroll outsourcing services in Latvia, as well as will develop the cooperation with the Latvian banking sector, together with AGroup offering outsourcing service of HR management to the banks. In turn, AGroup will be able to provide high-quality HRB product line localization due to operational recommendations of Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic on legislation in the Baltic countries.

Company Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic operates in the Baltic financial and auditing markets since 1992. This is one of the largest consulting companies, which has an extensive experience and a good understanding of the Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian business cultures allowing Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic to provide their customers the high quality service. Profound insight into the regional market and knowledge of the local legislation are key factors for cooperation of AGroup and Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic in localization of HRB. AGroup will be able to get advice from one of the market leaders in outsourcing and auditing services and promptly reflect changes in legislation in HRB solution.

For Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic above all the cooperation with AGroup provides an opportunity to include the new service in its portfolio, which is already in use in Russia – together with banks to provide a compound solution for outsourcing the complete cycle of human resource management. HRB solution is used as the technological platform for this service, already now being implemented in the company Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic. Such trilateral work where Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic is involved as outsourcer of HR services, the bank provides flexible opportunities for payment obligations and AGroup acts as a supplier of integrated web solution for HR management, will give potential customers the ability to increase the efficiency and to ensure transparency of the HR processes.

“I am delighted to start our company cooperation with Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic and I am confident that it will be mutually beneficial, – says Alexander Snurnitsyn, CEO of AGroup. – A key factor in the success of our business is the satisfaction of our customers who use the HRB system to solve their staffing tasks/problems. Since we operate in the global market and are represented in 24 countries around the world, localization issues are particularly crucial for us. Therefore, expertise in the field of legislation of the Baltic States by such an experienced partner as Grant Thornton Rimess Baltic becomes invaluable in meeting this challenge.”

“When we first talked with AGroup on partnership issues, we were interested in outsourcing solutions for banks, which AGroup already provides in Russia, – says Elena Zhovnikova, managing partner of Grant Thornton Rimess SIA. – We are introducing the HRB product in Latvia and currently are negotiating with a number of Latvian banks, as we believe that this scheme will be in sufficient demand by customers of the Baltic region. In the coming months we also plan to start introducing HRB in Estonia and Lithuania, as the use of a common technology platform for HR will be an attractive solution for many of our pan-Baltic clients.”