Opening a Window Into The World of Your Business: HRB Portal

AGroup announces the release of HRB Portal (, a new web-based human resource management solution. The portal is a single information space where all the participants in HR business processes can interact, from rank and file employees to HR professionals and senior management. HRB Portal is already in use at the Latvian division of TAMRO, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Northern Europe.

Through cooperation with the BaltCap investment fund, which started in July of this year, AGroup was able to step up development of the portal and accelerate the timetable for its commercial release. It should be noted that the release of HRB Portal is the first step in transitioning the functionality to a web environment and is aligned with the company’s strategic plans, which include offering SaaS in the near future.

HRB Portal allows remote system operation and significantly frees up the human resources and accounting departments to focus on more meaningful tasks, since it gives employees the ability to perform limited operations with data in the HR system. It provides a kind of window into the world of a business, through which HR information can be assembled in a single system and made accessible to all HR process participants, to the extent their access rights allow.

HRB Portal offers business process automation tools with a built-in graphics editor. Users of the solution can independently customize specific HR processes using Workflow Designer, thereby addressing the automation issue without the involvement of outside consultants.

Because the application is role-based, the set of tools and permissions, as well as data access rights, are determined by the user’s role and its scope within the overall system of processes. Any employee who utilizes HRB Portal in his or her work can read company news, or use the address book or document library. With HRB Portal, an executive can supervise HR processes associated with any subordinate, such as notifying employees to fill out their timesheets. Use of the portal relieves the HR and finance departments of repetitive and time-consuming data entry operations.

The Latvian office of TAMRO, which uses an HRB system for business process automation, became the first company to adopt HRB Portal to achieve optimization and improve the efficiency and speed of execution of human resource tasks. Andris Vilcans, IT projects manager at TAMRO, commented on the choice of HRB Portal: “The timesheet system based on HRB Portal, introduced at TAMRO in early 2011, is simple and intuitive for us as users. The schedules and timesheets are easy to fill out and to print. Approved timesheets are submitted automatically and reflected in the payroll system, taking into account employee absences. All the bookkeeper needs to do is make the final payroll calculation. Overall, we are happy with the solution we selected.”