Hogart Data Centre and AGroup are entering into closer partnership

September 12, 2011

AGroup, a developer of HRB, a human resource management system, signed an agreement for the purchase of a significant stake in Hogart Data Centre (HDC), an AGroup partner in Poland. AGroup, with offices in Russia and Latvia, has expanded its presence in Poland. Such cooperation allows AGroup to strengthen its position in the region and extensively develop the Polish market, as well as to support its customers at a higher level.

As an expert in human resource management, AGroup has a wide partner network: more than 10 partners of AGroup support about 500 customers in 24 countries. Hogart Data Centre, a Hogart Group Company, is dedicated to collaboration with AGroup. HDC sells and implements the HRB software produced by AGroup. AGroup started cooperating with Hogart Data Centre (HDC) in 1997, and since then, HDC has proved itself to be one of the most successful AGroup partners. HDC renders support services to more than 40 customers, which use HRB to automate their companies’ HR business processes, including well-known companies such as Selgros, 3M Poland, Le Meridien, Honda, Unilever, Sheraton, and Sodexo.

AGroup and HDC plan to integrate their staff into corporate structures and key employees of both companies will hold senior management positions in merged organization. Customers will benefit better support from the tighter integration between HDC and AGroup.

“In my opinion, a company’s success depends mostly on its ability to manage the most precious thing it has – human resources,” says Alexander Snurnitsyn, CEO of AGroup. “And our mission is to help companies do it in the most effective way. One of our major goals is to create an HRB community, which will allow us and our clients to share experience in HR management. To complete it we need to be closer to our customers. Merging with HDC will give us an opportunity to communicate with the customers directly and see their needs and demands more clearly.

“Our long-lasting relationship with AGroup has been successful,” says Robert Augustyniak, Head of HDC. “I’m sure our close cooperation within one structure will make our work in the Polish region more efficient. Having direct access to the solution developer, our clients will now have a chance to use our accumulated knowledge that HDC and AGroup are happy to offer in the most effective way.”