AGroup and SK Blagosostoyanie (Welbi) had business breakfast

March 6, 2014 

SK Blagosostoyanie and AGroup hold a collective business breakfast. The event was visited by more than 100 HR departments’ representatives of leading Russian and Western companies: managers in the fields of compensations and fringe benefits, heads of united HR service departments, HR directors.

During the first part of the event Aleksey Andreyev, SK Blagosostoyanie General Director, presented the results of company’s performance in 2013 and told what changes in the insurance market are planned to be introduced by the regulator. In their presentation Aleksey and Nick Robinson, an independent councillor of Blagosostoyanie MNC Foundation, touched upon the aspects of developing pension insurance market in Russiaby drawing on examples from the Great Britain market. Then Aleksey acquainted the audience with SK Blagosostoyanie strategy: maintain a leadership in the target segment by retaining the highest quality service and advanced launch of new products. SK Blagosostoyanie pays special attention to the usage of informational technologies in the process of providing services to the clients.

„Our strategy is to be a partner of our clients. It means that we aim to understand our clients and offer them the products which are the most valuable for them. One of such products is our and AGroup collaborative development — information system that allows to automate fringe benefits management in the companies,” Aleksey Andreyev finished his speech and gave the floor to Denis Chalov, AGroup Russia General Director. Denis demonstrated the audience the possibilities of the HRB Portal Benefit Administration information system that allows to automate and simplify social package management processes in the company and to streamline communication between a client and an insurance company.

Integration of AGroup and SK Blagosostoyanie solutions allows significantly streamlining and facilitating the data exchange between a client and an insurance company. Denis emphasized the possibilities of improving communication between a company and its personnel, as well as of collection of feedback about the quality of insurance programmes by means of HRB BA solution. The participants of the business breakfast could see the advantages of a product during the vivid improvised ‘videoconference’ with the Russian Standard Insurance CJSC Director General — a client who is using the joint AGroup and SK Blagosostoyanie solution.

„A very interesting solution,” — after the presentation we received such endorsements – said AGroup CEO Alexander Snurnitsyn after the event. “We are glad to offer the market our latest solutions and will be happy if these solutions really increase happiness of HR-specialists and personnel of our clients», — Alexander emphasised.

About SK Blagosostoyanie

SK Blagosostoyanie CJSC is one of the leaders in offering mandatory pension insurance and non-state pension provision services. The company offers mandatory pension insurance and non-state pension provision solutions combining centuries-old experience and advanced technologies of the oldest and largest English group that ensure a stable future for the clients all over the world and Russia.

About AGroup

AGROUP is one of the leaders in HR management process automation in Russia and Eastern Europe. Company’s products streamline and upgrade the processes, maximizing productivity for already hundreds of organizations in 24 countries. The new company’s product – benefits administration system – is a unique innovative solution with no analogues in the Russian market that helps to increase personnel motivation and staff retention.