HRB Portal Community Conference

June 9, 2022

The 1st HRB Portal Community Conference organised by AGroup took place at AC Hotel by Marriott Riga (33, Dzirnavu, Str., Riga, Latvia). The conference brought together HRB Portal community members & partners to explore and discuss opportunities and strengths related to HRB Portal solutions, project & change management. The conference also identified how HRB Portal community members could be best supported to meet the challenges of changing global environment.The conference results have been taken forward to shape our further work & cooperation.

The conference comprised: the insights into HRB Portal roadmap & stakeholder perspectives, AGroup clients’ presentations on HRB Portal cases including Luminor Bank AS, Nasdaq, Lidl, an update on legislation by Glimstedt, Deloitte views on employees’ retention, panel discussion & interactive workshops covering such topics as Support & Change Management.

The cruсial goal of this conference was to offer networking opportunities and foster HRB Portal Community to generate value, scale digital transformation, drive the adoption of new technologies and ways of working.

“I’d like to underline that it isn’t AGroup conference, but it’s HRB Portal Community Conference since we see a lot of value in cross-company communication creating a great source of support, accountability & belonging while pursuing business goals”. 
Alexander Snurnitsyn | AGroup CEO


HRB Portal Community Conference PRESENTATIONS