Infor and AGroup become partners

RIGA, Latvia – March 5, 2010 – Infor Global Solutions and AGroup are pleased to announce that they have signed a cross-referral partner agreement. As a result of this new relationship, AGroup’s flagship payroll and HR management solution – HRB® – will compliment Infor’s total offering of enterprise products. Infor, being one of the biggest software providers, will thus help its customers evaluate the advantages of HRB system.

Infor customers now get an opportunity to automate HR management processes by HRB system, which has shown to good advantage and is completely integrated with Infor products.

Hundreds of multinational corporations have been using HRB® for over a decade to complement Infor FMS SunSystems with a tightly integrated and deeply localized payroll solution. It should be noted that HRB was developed in 1995 as a separate module for a set of instruments for Sun Systems financial record-keeping, presented on the market today by Infor. Now HRB is a functionally complete HR-system. It is commonly accepted that quality of localization is the number one key factor determining customer ROI, when it comes to payroll and HR solutions. HRB’s® distinguishing product feature is its unique parametric architecture, specifically designed to address the issue of localization quality. HRB® solutions are currently distributed in 24 countries in EMEA region; implementation and support services are offered by a number of Infor Channel partners.

Claude-Henri Weiller, Regional Vice-President of Emea Channel Operations, Infor company:

«I am delighted to announce that Infor as a company decided to materialize the cooperation with AGroup with the signature of a referral agreement for the Human Resources and Payroll system HRB commercialized by AGroup across Europe, Middle east and Africa. The referral agreement signed between our two companies is the first step to a closer integration, on which AGroup and Infor have already started to work. We advise strongly our clients and partners to get the advantage of this integrated offering, and are setting-up programs to ease the implementation capabilities».

As Claude-Henri Weiller states the HRB system constitutes an ideal complement to our flagship Financial Software Infor FMS SunSystems. With more than 8,000 clients using daily this complete end-to-end financial package, Infor SunSystems covers all the accounting, reporting and cash management needs of all types of organizations. HRB, with its ease of use and flexibility for use in different legal environments and languages, complements ideally Infor FMS SunSystems. Mr. Weiller also noted, that AGroup teams have specifically worked on having a look and feel close to our Infor software chart, and have developed specific connectors to ensure an easy and intuitive integration on site. “In the direction we have taken – says Claude-Henri Weiller – the professionalism of AGroup was a key factor”.

Arhtur Apalis, President of AGroup comments on the partnership with Infor:

“We started partnership negotiations with Infor Global Solutions a long time ago. The thing is that HRB is integrated with Infor FMS Sun Systems and is already used by a number of companies as one service-offering. We are extremely satisfied with the result and are sure of the great potential we see for the partnership. Deep connection between the products of Infor and AGroup will help our customers use the complex solution with a wide range of opportunities in HR management. AGroup team is knowledgeable in Infor FMS Sun Sytems”.

Claud-Henri Weiller, Infor about partnership