Made with love! AGroup supports talent development and helps it to find its spectator.

An Art-platform Stadia was opened for the spectators in Riga one year ago. The opening ceremony was accompanied by the premier of a touching and nostalgic performance based on Edward Radzinsky’s play ‘’She is in the absence of love and death’’. The family duet of the former artists of the famous State Theater of the Young Spectator of the Latvian USSR gathered an ensemble of unprofessional actors – people who were professionals in completely different spheres and who wanted to fulfill their lives with something warm and human. The premier was a result of a two-year work.

On the 11th of February, a special performance was held for all the inhabitants of HRB ecosystem who were in Riga at that time.

‘’If you are still able to think and feel… if you have lost, left, loved or searched for something… then this performance can stir up your emotions and force you think again. Additionally, the piercing and sincere ‘’amateurishness’’ of the actors can induce you to jump out of your place in the middle of the play shouting ‘’ Do not do that! I have already tried it… It will not help…’’

‘’This is the most piercing Russian play which I have seen for the last 7 years.’’

Such impressions the performance left on those, who had a chance to enjoy it on that evening.

‘’I am very glad that AGroup had such an opportunity. By following its mission and the will of the soul we help so bright talents and fulfil a one more day of our life with significance and meaningfulness. It is all about people!’’ – said Alexander Snurnitsyn, the CEO of AGroup company.