Why should any company implement HRB Portal (HRM Solution)?

HRB Portal is designed to support a broad range of human centric processes and activities. Modular, scalable components are designed to work together without expensive rework or interface development.
HRB Portal help companies achieve three objectives central to closing the execution gap (ROI):

Run mandatory functions

Optimize workforce performance

Increase results using collaboration tools

1. We support you in achieving targets and growing your revenue by minimizing lost sales and ensuring properly staffed operations.

Automatically creating schedules according to projected work load that ensure maximum filling of all open timeslots.

Enabling you to build processes for smooth business operation.

Enabling back-office and routine process automation.

Reducing time spent on compliance allowing you to focus on growing your business.

2. We save you money and decrease costs by reducing overtime and idle time, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Enabling cost effective (minimal overtime and idle time) workforce schedules in compliance with local legislation.

Involvement of all employees in personnel administration processes.

Reducing HR Professionals workload on routine tasks & freeing up time for strategic tasks.

Automating controls and reducing costly errors in HR administration and payroll.

Ensuring and supporting regulatory compliance.

3. We help you to increase your employees motivation by giving them an intuitive tool for all things people-related.

Enabling employees to self-service at their own pace & automating routing tasks.

Reducing anxiety of compliance tasks.

Providing easy access to personal work-related information.

4. All enabled by safe and reliable software solution.

Easy to integrate with other systems using modern integration technologies.

Possible to customize and extend the system without vendor using flexible customization tools.


We believe in People – the most valuable asset of any company, vital for company’s success and overall economic growth.

We believe in Technology. Being used in a smart way it gives competitive advantage, increases efficiency and makes world better place to live.

We believe that key to success of any company is efficient and effective People-to-People (P2P) interaction.
That’s why all we do is targeted to improve the meaningfulness and effieciency of P2P collaboration using the best technologies available.