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AGroup in Warsaw

Isn’t there a saying – good things come to those who wait? It definitely goes well with my story.

During November 2022, when I had already figured out that I want to change my job, an old colleague of mine wrote. She offered me to apply for a position in the company she has worked for a year, as a Marketing specialist. Little did I know that this position is much more than just a Marketing specialist.

I didn’t have to wait long for the first interview and then the second interview, both of these were happening online. As always, it’s a bit nerve-racking to prove yourself to totally new people and then you have to have one on one meeting with the companys’ CEO. In this case, it is always good to think that behind every title, there is a simple human being like all of us.

I guess I had to do a pretty god job in these interviews because I got offered the role. I accepted it gladly and then I had a short meeting with the recruiter who kindly asked me if I would like to participate in companys’ New Year event happening in Warsaw. I was positively surprised and of course, I accepted this invite. Just to think that I can already go on a trip together with my new colleagues, what a good way to get to know each other!

My first day was on 2nd of January and it started with an onboarding process, which was very informative. Then on the second day, my manager invited me to Riga office (I am working remotely from Estonia). So on the third day I was already on the bus driving to Riga, where I had a nice hotel to stay and after a good night sleep, I had a snowy walk to the AGroup headquarter in Riga. After meeting everybody and doing some brainstorming, I had a bus to Tallinn. This visit was very refreshing and exciting as I have missed this kind of office life.

After working in the home office for some days, I was on the move again – heading to Warsaw. I have to mention that from the first day, I have been thinking what an exciting job I have – I can work together in Tallinn office with my good friend and I can also travel to see new places, while learning new knowledge!

Throughout the travel, we had planned some excursions in Warsaw on board of Jelcz Ogórek bus and a Black Tie event in a restaurant. It was my first time in Poland and wow, what a beautiful city Warsaw is! So many majestic buildings and streets were very clean. Fast forward to our long awaited Black Tie event. The Belvedere restaurant, where the event took place, was so magical and mysterious. Everyone had really gone out of their way to dress appropriately for Black Tie dresscode. We had such a wonderful time while enjoying amazing food, good music and a great company. Our Latvian and Polish colleagues thought that Estonian way to say ‘cheers’ (terviseks) is very funny. And we also had a very good laugh about what our CFO had learned in Estonian while being in the country, but I’ll leave it as a mystery right now. Time in the restaurant went by so quickly, so our CEO Alexander requested to have some afterparty as well. Say no more, we were on board with the idea!
A quick dresscode change in the hotel and on the next moment we were already dancing on the dance floor! And if I say ‘we’ I mean almost everybody from our office – the young, the old, the manager, the specialist, you name it – the person was dancing. We were even doing dance battles, some of us were doing some breakdance moves and the other one was doing split on the dance floor. So yes, AGroup employees know how to work and also know how to party. The strongest ones finished the night at 7:30am and they were so brave they even joined for a tour at 10am. What a team we have!

These 2 weeks have been so refreshing and exciting, because previously my days looked like this: work during the day, playing and watching some cartoons with my 2 year old during the evening. But now I have so much variety in my life because of AGroup! I am beyond thankful to be part of this company and let’s see where my journey will take me next!

How would you describe YOUR best employer?

Regina Kirss
PR & Marketing specialist