AGroup has digitally transformed HR processes of the State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA)


July 29, 2021

The State Social Insurance Agency (SSIA) has joined HRB Portal community of the leading companies, highly cherishing the value of people, striving for constant efficiency and effectiveness improvement through the processes of digitalization.

The primary reason for the SSIA to carry out this project was to introduce self-service into its personnel management processes. Since 2008 AGroup has been maintaining & implementing numerous digitalization & automation processes for the SSIA on the basis of HRB and recently handy self-service modules of HRB Portal have been entrusted to the existing system maintainer, that is AGroup to be implemented.

One of the challenges has been exactly a smooth integration of a self-service module into the existing HR system. It required the entire HR system rebuilding & redefining including the development of business requirements specifications, as well as the verification of the migrated data and the detection of discrepancies. By and large, the tailored HRM solutions reflecting the best industry practices & complying with the complex legislation have been executed. 

The peculiarities of the project have been in its organizational structure and payroll system. Except for the ordinary SSIA employees there work state officials as well, whose salaries and rates are strictly regulated by the LR directives.

Furthermore, the project involved a lion’s share of orders,  regulations, approvals, reports which had to be seamlessly incorporated into the SSIA document workflow and its structure. On a regular basis, the SSIA document workflow is imported from the EDS and later it is exported to the Ministry of Finance for a check and approvals. 

The SSIA personnel has been familiarised with the advanced HRM software solutions and expressed the appraisal as they have hit all of the targets. What is more, the SSIA has already felt the valuable benefits of its new system.  This paperless system is a great advantage especially nowadays when people quite often work remotely and handle almost everything online. 

The SSIA HR director has been satisfied with the improved productivity of the personnel due to saved time & resources.

“What we find most convenient is that an automatic reminder can be set for every single expiration and can be quickly shared. HR processes are secured, and best-of-all, they are GDPR-proved. The things we value highly are the fact that we have all our information centralized in one place, accessible to those specifically authorized and it’s easy to use. Likewise the most practical thing is that we are able to create company-specific features in HRB Portal by ourselves,” says the SSIA Head of HR department.

About the SSIA

Number of employees: 1000

Integration: the Ministry of Finance financial system & SunSystems

Scope: Core HR | Payroll | Working hours | Time & Attendance | Organisation Structure

The State Social Insurance Agency is the Latvian state institution performing a public administration function in the area of social insurance and social services. Its work areas include social insurance, state service pensions & state social benefits, as well as the coordination of the EU legislation on social security systems and international agreements, information and communication technology support for the welfare institutions & general public.