GLIMSTEDT as a reliable AGroup legal partner creates safe & agile work environment exclusively tailored to our clients’ unique business needs embracing collaboration & candour


August 6, 2021

A well-recognized & leading law firm Glimstedt provides AGroup and respectively all HRB Portal users with all the necessary suite of legal and regulatory support in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, ensuring full compliance with local legislation and proper conditions to make informed & confident decisions that work. 

Glimstedt is a full-service law firm with a focus on business law. Glimstedt 250 employees collaborate seamlessly across office boundaries and can, when needed, provide a force with unrivaled competence. As Glimstedt combines such a large number of highly professional lawyers, the areas of expertise are significant. By virtue of extensive experience, Glimstedt identifies legal risks and opportunities early enough to enable the successful operation and transformation of our clients while remaining protected. 

In the context of HR Solutions that AGroup offers to its clients such a pro-active legal support provided by a highly reputable law firm Glimstedt grants confidence, which is a thrilling luxury nowadays since not all companies can afford such a reliable legal subcontractor to guide them mindfully through the regulatory framework in a country they operate,” states Alexander Snurnitsyn, AGroup CEO.

While our clients continue to innovate and reshape their working practices, adjusting to pandemic impacts, legal frameworks are continuing to evolve as well, which brings risks in places where the law remains unclear. Thereto, the cost of a mistake could be huge, which now is critical as ever. Therefore, legally sound, strategically savvy as well as bespoke support and practices are offered to our clients at once as they need, and they do preciously value such assistance and advice.

Now our clients can afford to navigate smoothly through critical business challenges overcoming them effortlessly, as Glimstedt team is already working with our clients across various industries and countries while delivering cutting-edge legal solutions.