AGroup HRB MOBILE APP will tackle management & engagement gaps in field, distributed & remote workforse operation

August 17, 2021

Nowadays, in the age of X, Y, Z generations dominating the workforce when a significant chunk of work is done “on the go”, no one can imagine a People Management tool w/o a mobile component. Well-aware of our HRB Portal customers’ needs AGroup announces HRB Mobile App release.  

It is targeted for self-service users such as field, distributed & remote workforce of companies operating in various geographies and languages. HRB Mobile App includes the main HRB Portal modules and functions supported by multilingual interfaces (LV, LT, EE, PL, EN) on Androids & iOS. 

HRB Mobile App possesses a complete set of features demanded by the majority of employees and Line Managers in their day-to-day work, for example, they’ll be able to: apply for a leave, submit claims’ expenses, assign tasks, check payslips, approve/reject requests, receive push notifications with reading acknowledgments, send messages & reminders. HRB Mobile App dashboard is intuitive and easy-to-navigate providing you with all the key features right at your fingertips. 

“AGroup has built HRB Mobile App on the basis of insights gathered from our customers – the leaders in their industries and gaps to fill in. Well, we are expanding the functionality of HR tools making it an integral part of our lives! It is not just about streamlining operational processes and improving workforce management, but about driving their engagement, which is especially topical during the period of remote work,” commented Alexander Snurnitsyn, AGroup CEO.

Hassle-free HRB Mobile App will be available solely to AGroup HRB Portal users to come to rescue them. They’ll get the data on the go with alerts to communicate messages. Come & join HRB Portal community!

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