RBC Group presented HRB Portal at the 5th All-Ukrainian HR Meeting in Kiev

RBC Group (АGroup partner in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan) was the IT-partner at the 5th All-Ukrainian HR Meeting which took place on April 24 in Kiev.


During the event RBC Group presented HRB Portal (developed by АGroup): a web-solution for HR management designed using advanced internet technologies that make it significantly easier to work with staff in large and medium enterprises’.

RBC Group service manager Alexander Tyukhlyaev presented a speech on the theme ‘Personnel e-document flow: implementation features and recommendations for use’. Alexander drew the audience’s attention to the fact that in the situation of a high competitiveness and rapid changes of business administration such factors become important as performance improvement, swift managerial decision making, and cost saving. He also emphasised the role of HR departments in solving most of the strategic business tasks. Basing on his own experience of successful HR management system implementations by using real cases, Alexander demonstrated how HRB Portal allows to decrease the number of manual document operations, decrease the number and increase the precision of payroll and tax accounting, improve the productivity of labour force, as well as answered the participants’ questions.

About RBC Group

RBC Group is a successful consulting company specializing in providing services for optimizing business processes and implementing globally known enterprise management information systems.

Beside Ukraine, RBC Group offices are also located in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

Till now RBC Group has gained significant experience in implementing more than 500 projects, including:

  • enterprise complex automation (ERP);
  • implementation of the enterprise effectiveness management systems integrating analytical reporting tools, systems of balance scorecards and planning;
  • automation and centralisation of HR management and payroll preparation.

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