Sony chooses HRB Portal for human resource management

Moscow, November 21, 2012. CJSC “Sony Electronics”, representative office of Sony international in Russia, has selected HRB Portal solution to automate strategic business processes of human resources. Key factors in favor of this decision were functional possibilities of HRB Portal allowing all Sony employees to participate in e-business processes, significantly reducing paperwork for staff of human resources and financial services, considerably lowering the human impact on the work results and enabling to tighten control over business processes. Built on the basis of modern web technologies, HRB Portal is accessible remotely and is available 24 hours per day to all employees of Sony.

Sony’s Moscow office employs more than 300 employees. For the personnel administration a global solution based on SAP is used, being a corporate standard for the company. Payroll calculation is carried out in version 3.7 of HRB which is tightly integrated with SAP. Besides the large number of human resource business processes, which closely involved ordinary employees and anticipated multi-stage approvals at various levels of subordination, were performed without using any automation. This created a wealth of internal document circulation, a need to collect signatures from different associates and approvals by e-mail, and a number of internal procedures each ordinary employee had continuously to be aware of. All this resulted in lengthy approval procedures, a high degree of the human factor impact on the results of business processes, unreasonably large amount of human effort for manual operations and the complexity of business process control.

The first phase of HRB Portal implementation includes the deployment and configuration of self-service functionality for employees giving the employees the opportunity to independently formulate the applications for vacations, business trips and prepare expense reports, which have to pass the relevant stages of approval based on multi-level organizational structure and the distribution of roles. Additionally, the first phase of the project includes a module for management of corporate transport.

The solution is designed so that all information obtained from employees through HRB Portal and having passed all the stages of the approval process, automatically goes into corporate staffing system SAP and payroll module HRB 3.7, eliminating any need for dual input. Due to close integration of HRB Portal into the domain infrastructure Sony user authentication in the system occurs automatically.

As a result of the project, Sony will get a modern scalable solution for strategic management of human resource business processes, increase of motivation and retention of personnel that will give a serious positive impact on the company’s financial performance.