HRB Portal Conference 2024

Registration is now OPEN for the HRB Portal Conference 2024, happening on the 19th of September at the illustrious National Library of Latvia, 11th floor! Organized by AGroup, this event is a must-attend for all HRB Portal customers, partners, and prospects.

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HRB Portal: would customers recommend this HR Digitalisation System?

In December we kindly asked our customers to fill in a Feedback Questionnaire to gather feedback about HRB Portal. Gathering feedback from customers is crucial in improving Products and Services, Identifying Issues and Opportunities, Building Trust and Credibility and it plays a significant role in the success of business.

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HRB Portal podcast is designed to accelerate the expansion of HR & business processes' digitalization. It's targeted on aspiring HR directors & managers by offering the content that informs, educates & entertains. HRB Portal podcast is geared towards professional development, whether you're new to human resource or have been at it for decades. You can expect podcasts several times a month featuring leading specialists of AGroup, HRB Portal community companies, HR executives, our legal partner Glimstedt representatives and other experts relevant to HR.