Reflecting on the Vibrant HRB Portal Community Conference

Dear HRB Portal Community,

We reflect with deep appreciation on the resounding success of the HRB Portal Community Conference, which took place on the 26th of October at the esteemed Great Guild in Riga. The collective memories from the event continue to resonate with us, evoking a profound sense of inspiration and unity. This conference, distinguished by its thought-provoking presentations, invaluable networking opportunities, and exciting updates on the latest HRB Portal advancements, served as a remarkable testament to our shared commitment to progress and collaboration within our community.

We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to each of our esteemed speakers, whose expertise and insights were pivotal in making the conference a resounding success. We were honoured to have Yuri Yanson and Alexander Korshunov enlighten us with their comprehensive presentation on the HRB Portal Roadmap, outlining the future trajectory of our platform. Following this, Ksenija Ivanova and Uljana Belokrinicka provided an engaging discourse on the significance of HRB Mobile app, emphasizing the crucial role of mobile technology in modern business practices.

The subsequent presentation by Sandra Plavina, CEO of Digital Clinic, provided a compelling perspective on the future of digital healthcare and its implications for the HR landscape. We were also privileged to have Leszek Fijalkowski enlighten us on how ADP leverages AGroup platforms in outsourcing HR provider services.

The post-lunch session, led by Rebeka Nagle from ERDA, brought a renewed focus on the essential priorities within the HR domain, fostering interactive discussions that enriched our understanding of key HR dynamics. Jan Laurijssen, the esteemed HR Consultant from SD Worx, captivated the audience with his insightful exploration of the reasons why this is a truly transformative era for HR professionals.

Our sincere appreciation also extends to Denis Chalov, CEO of Benefizz, whose expertise shed light on the indispensable role of flexible benefits administration in contemporary HR management. The engaging session by Raivis Lucijanovs from Latvian Transit underscored the tangible benefits of incorporating HRB Portal into diverse business operations, reaffirming the platform’s adaptability and value across various sectors.

The illuminating joint presentation by Georg Ter-Zahharjants from Andevis highlighted the power of collaboration, demonstrating how the amalgamation of two software companies can yield enhanced synergies and operational efficiencies. Additionally, the strategic announcement delivered by AGroup COO Ernests Sinkevics and Head of Acquisitions Henning Schreiber from Everfield marked a significant milestone, reinforcing our commitment to continuous innovation and growth within the HR management sphere.

The last minutes of the stage were fulfilled with giving out awards to our customers. We were honoured to give out award to ADP with a nomination of “Largest number of payslips processed each month using AGroup solutions.” Second award was going to Stockmann for being the “Early process adopter” and the third award was meant for Telia for being the “Innovator”, unfortunately no customers from these companies were present at the conference, but no worries – we will send the awards for them.

A special note of appreciation goes to Uljana Belokrinicka for her exceptional role as the host of the conference, ensuring the seamless flow of events and fostering a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for all attendees.

We are profoundly grateful to each and every one of you, our esteemed attendees, speakers, and partners, for your unwavering support and active engagement, which significantly contributed to the resounding success of this momentous event. Let us collectively carry forward the spirit of collaboration and progressive thinking ignited at the conference as we continue our collective journey towards reshaping the future of HR management.

With sincere regards,

Your AGroup