Riddles of motivation where solved by Denis Chalov during the chain of events dedicated to the HR Motivation

April 17, 2014

Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow. Spring session of HR directors summit ‘MOTIVATION’ 2014. Tools of financial and non-financial motivation’.

In his speech ‘Secrets of motivation or survival guide for C&B manager’ Denis Chalov, AGroup Russia General Manager, told about the experience of the companies that forwent the financial motivation of staff that is engaged in intellectual tasks. By making an insight into management history Denis convincingly demonstrated the experiments in motivation sphere proving ineffectiveness of the financial motivation in creative work stimulation that has uncertain conditions and factors the employees cannot influence. As an example Denis mentioned the companies that allowed their staff to devote up to 20% of time to the projects that are interesting to them, and in the result these projects turned to be independent business directions being profitable for the company.

„Utilize the inner motivation: ambition to create things for their own benefit, desire to do something, because it is important, need to independently shape their destiny,” Denis Chalov summarised his speech.

About AGroup

AGROUP is one of the leaders in human resource management process automation in Russia and Eastern Europe. Company’s products streamline and upgrade the processes, maximizing productivity for already hundreds of organizations in 24 countries. The company’s new product – benefit administration system – is a unique innovative solution with no analogues in the Russian market that helps to increase personnel motivation and staff retention.

Maria Akchurina

Presentation took place with the support of European Regional Development Fund (ERAF).

ERAF - Eiropas Reģionālās attīstības fonds