‘The Benefits Cafeteria. How to create an effective system of flexible benefits?’ – presented by Denis Chalov, AGroup Russia General Manager

April 11, 2014

Holiday Inn Hotel Suschevky, Moscow. 8th COMPENSATION & BENEFITS FORUM RUSSIA 2014 ‘How to maintain and increase the effectiveness of key employees without inflating the budget?’

In his speech ‘The benefits cafeteria. How to create an effective system of flexible benefits?’ Denis Chalov, AGroup Russia General Manager, introduced the approach to creating a system of flexible benefits for employees with the main principle of providing employees with the opportunity to choose their own benefit package. Usually, during the implementation of ‘Cafeteria’ type benefits managerial obstacles arise such as risk of salary growth, increase in administrative staff headcount, and introduction of expensive process automation tools. „Because of a flexible choice and understanding of the staff real needs one may meet the existing budget constraints. At the expense of process automation the number of administrative staff must not be increased. Automation cost can be put onto the service providers, as there will be functions and administration time optimisation from both sides,” Denis Chalov offered his approach to solution of the issue. Then Denis presented a step-by-step guide to implementing the ‘Benefits Cafeteria’ model in the company.

„Do not ask for staff’s opinion, invent the benefits yourselves, keep your plans a secret, the Excel possibilities will be enough, do not test, everything is ideal as it is. Implemented? Relax», with these tips on how to fail the ‘Cafeteria’ model implementation Denis Chalov concluded the presentation.

About AGroup

AGROUP is one of the leaders in human resource management process automation in Russia and Eastern Europe. Company’s products streamline and upgrade the processes, maximizing productivity for already hundreds of organizations in 24 countries. The company’s new product – benefit administration system – is a unique innovative solution with no analogues in the Russian market that helps to increase personnel motivation and staff retention.

Maria Akchurina

Presentation took place with the support of European Regional Development Fund (ERAF).

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